10c deposit launch - Wed, 8am, Parliament House, be there!

24/02/2010 07:00

This is a reminder to come along to Parliament House in Melbourne tomorrow morning (Weds 24 Feb) at 8am!

Environment groups need our support to focus on legislation for a 10c deposit on bottles, cans and cartons, when they launch their Green Jobs campaign.

The photo is a preview of their brilliant new billboard.

Please come and show the government that you want them to change their mind on deposits. 

Come for the rally, stay for Parliament

After the rally, I'm going to walk straight into parliament and make a speech about 10c deposits. The public is welcome to watch parliament.

I'll bring the key messages from the public on the steps, into the parliament chamber. That's what I was elected to do.

I might remind the government that my bill for a 10c deposit on bottles, cans and cartons passed the upper house of parliament (where I sit). The government is still refusing to debate it in the lower house. There's still time before the election in November!

Or I might take the opportunity of making an announcement.

Parliament starts at 9.30. Members statements are between 9.40 and 10am. The public has to be very respectful and quiet - better behave or they'll blame me for inviting you. Give yourself time to get through security, especially if there's a crowd.

Send a message that you support the rally

Please send an email to the Premier John Brumby and Environment Minister Gavin Jennings.

Ask them to come and join us, instead of opposing us.

Remind them that Clean Up Australia Day is on 7 March. They can start by throwing out their old policies!

Tell your friends about the campaign by clicking here.

Thanks and best wishes,

Colleen Hartland

p.s. You can find out more about the 10c Deposit campaign here or join the campaign on Facebook.  



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