Greens select candidate for Western Victoria

The Victorian Greens today announced their lead Marcus WardUpper House candidate for Western Victoria for the 2010 Victorian State election will be Marcus Ward. 

“Victorians are crying out for action on climate change, action on water reform and urgent action to help people deal with changes to our local weather patterns.
Yet the old political parties remain paralyzed, unable to imagine a world without coal. I look forward to the coming election year and the opportunity to kick-start the changes that should have begun a decade a go,” said Ward.
“Western Victoria has massive challenges ahead, but our natural assets leave us well placed to meet these challenges: abundant renewable energy resources like wave, geothermal, sun and wind. We have a productive and resilient farm sector with areas of good rainfall that’s still the envy of the rest of the state. The Green blueprint for the region builds on our natural strengths.”
“Clearly, many voters are looking for a positive, forward looking alternative. While I have every chance of being the first rural Green Member of Parliament, I take nothing for granted. None-the-less, with an experienced and enthusiastic team behind me I’m confident we can earn the votes required to get us over the line. Western Victorians deserve an effective Greens representative in the state’s upper house of Parliament,” Mr Ward said.
Western Victoria has one of Australia’s highest regional/rural Green votes. Published polls over the past year show the Green vote trending up steadily from the 2006 State poll.
Mr Ward is an experienced Greens campaigner who was narrowly defeated at the last state poll. He is an architect who has lived and worked throughout western Victoria for the past thirty years.
For additional information or interviews please call Marcus Ward on 54235254 or 0427235254 or email

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