Country Greens Network

...linking rural and Regional Greens across Victoria

The Country Greens Network was formed to focus on promoting the Greens, its ideals and policies in "the bush". Australian Greens Victoria has many country members who are  strongly engaged in their rural and regional communities.

 We have designed the CGN website to act as a focal point for committed country members, and to inform curious supporters or members of the public.


The CGN meets periodically when the Convenor decides it is a good idea.  We have an informal approach to meetings and warmly welcome members ideas and input.  So, here is your invitation to become involved.

Camp Coorong (Kurangk) Greens Camp

Hope your Easter was as good as ours. We went to the Greens camp organized by Lynton Vonow at Camp Coorong. It was terrific. About 25 Greens meandered in to the campsites on Ngarrinjeri land in time for the tour by the traditional owners on Saturday afternoon. This 4 hour tour took us to see the barrages that separate the Murray River from the Coorong. I had never really understood it before. In fact, I learnt so much about the area and the traditional owners that I have written a report.   Click on the link below for the full report

The Charter of the Australian Greens

Reflecting an awareness of the interrelatedness of all ecological, social and economic processes the general principles of The Greens are:

To promote equity between nations and peoples by: