Peter McGauran's legacy - a Green Senator

Sarah Hanson-Young, recipient of a prize sponsored by Peter McGauran, has urged Gippsland voters to vote Green in this weekend's by-election.

"Now is the time for people in Gippsland to turn to the Greens.  We offer real vision, and we are serious about representing the whole community in the parliament," Senator-elect Hanson-Young said. 

"We will be pushing for an increase in the old age pension in budget negotiations after July 1".

The new Greens Senator grew up in East Gippsland and attended Orbost Secondary College.  She won the 'Peter McGauran Prize' there for two years in a row.  Peter McGauran sponsored the annual prize as a way of fostering community leadership amongst young people in Gippsland.

Sarah takes a Senate position for South Australia, after moving there for University  almost nine years ago.  

"The Greens will bring both maturity and youth to the balance of power in the Senate" Sarah said. "Bob Brown and Christine Milne have lead the Greens in both balance of power and minority government in Tasmania.  Our two new senators, myself and Scott Ludlam, will bring youth and fresh ideas to the Senate."

The new Senate, which takes its place from July 1, features two new Green senators, of whom Sarah is one.  Together, the five Greens Senators, and South Australian Nick Xenaphon and Victorian Steve Fielding will control the balance of power in the national parliament's upper house. 

Further information:

Sarah Hanson-Young, 0411 524 724