Postage stamp politics

“There are bigger and more important things in this election campaign than where the people of Traralgon buy their postage Bob Brown& Malcolm McKelvie outside the Traralgon Post Office image by Suzy Woodstamps”, said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate in the Gippsland by-election.

“For example, are our forests worth more to the community standing or as woodchips?” he asked.

On Friday Senator Bob Brown, Australian Greens leader told a gathering outside the Traralgon Post Office on Friday that Gippslanders earned less than the price of a postage stamp from every tonne of their forests exported as woodchips”, Dr McKelvie said.

“We earn 11c royalties as a community for every tonne of woodchips our forests are turned into.  But our forests clean water and provide a valuable sink for the carbon produced by our energy industry, cars and homes”, Dr McKelvie said.

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